What is Papaya Young Directors?
Papaya Young Directors (PYD) is a competition aimed at aspiring directors in the film industry. The competition is based around developing films for PYD’s partners and sponsors. PYD helps filmmakers to produce ground-breaking films which will increase their visibility in the film and marketing industry. It also helps them create a portfolio, start networking, and work with the best.
Why should I take part in the competition?
PYD will help you create your portfolio based on briefs from big companies. You will also be given the opportunity to work with some of the best creative directors in Poland. After becoming a finalist, you will be given a budget of 2 300 EURO to develop you idea further. You will also be given a list of companies that will aid you with your project. Films from the finalists will be showcased during the final Gala as well as at various exhibitions, workshops and festivals.If your work receives an honourable mention you may also be entitled to a cash prize.
What is the cost of all this?
Applying is free of charge. If your directorial application reaches the 3rd stage of the competition, you will be given 2 200 EURO to finance the film for the competition.
Where do I start?
First you need to register on our web page. After your account is activated, you will receive ‘Creative Starter’ briefs from our sponsors. Please choose the one that appeals to you most and write a Director’s treatment for it. You can submit up to two. From here you will need to upload your treatment onto the Papaya Website, before the competition deadline. The submissions will then be assessed. Please keep checking the website for information on the status of your application.

Treatments can be written by yourself or in two-person team (in this case both individuals must register for the competition. The submission must include both competition IDs). Keep in mind that should your film reach the development stage, ONLY you or your writing partner can direct the film.
Can I use a preexisting idea for a film in the competition?
The rules of PYD state that the Director's treatments have to be your own original idea, developed specifically for the competition and based on the sponsor’s brief. Director’s treatments for films submitted for other contests (including previous PYD editions), or ones done by someone else will NOT be taken into consideration.
Can I submit content that I have developed and made public prior to the competition?
In line with the competition's guidelines, the film must be developed for PYD ONLY. It must not breach copyright requirements nor be published on other platforms. For this reason, it is discouraged to send in material that has been made available to third parties. If your film is selected by a PYD sponsor brand, the brand will require all copyrights to the film without third party interference.
I’m only 16, am I eligible for the competition?
No, you're not.
The competition targets individuals between the ages of 20 - 35 (born between 1984 - 1999).
Does my place of residence matter for the competition?
No, it doesn't. PYD is open to filmmakers from Poland and abroad. A brief may state the use of a particular language, but do not let this discourage you from taking part in the competition.
What are the contents of my PYD user panel?
The PYD user panel includes guidelines and all documents needed for partaking in the competition.

• Director's Treatment Template
• Financial Copyright Transferral Template
• ‘Credits’ Template
• Film’s Copyright Transferral Template

You will then need to upload the full treatment including the documents onto the server.
Each of the participants will be contacted personally by the organiser if they qualify for stages II and III.
What is a creative starter?
A creative starter is a document that outlines an idea a given sponsor has to convey in a treatment and film. It includes tips for the overall tone of the film as well as additional information on presenting the sponsor’s logo.
What is a director's treatment?
A director's treatment is a document in which contestants describe their idea for the film. It consists of various parts - the description of the idea, characteristics of the actors, ideas for the set design and references
How many director's treatments can I submit?
Each contestant is allowed to submit up to two treatments for each of the nine sponsors. In total - 18 submissions are allowed per applicant.
What does the grading process for films and director's treatments look like?
The jury will read through all the treatments and select the best ones. They will then meet with the chosen applicants during workshops and feedback on the projects individually. When the workshops are completed - applicants will need to create a storyboard for the treatment. From the showcased storyboards, the jury will then again select the best ones to be forwarded into production.

The submitted films will then be graded on production quality, as well as creativity and ideas. The final three will then be selected. Submitted films that do not meet the brief, but have creative and production value may also be accepted and advanced further
Who will receive the first degree prizes?
First degree prizes for the sum of 2 200 EURO will be awarded to each participant whose director's treatment qualifies for the third stage of the competition.Once the contract is signed - the funds will be transferred to the applicant.
How many first degree prizes can I try out for?
ONLY one submission will be advanced to the third stage of PYD., although you can make up to 18 submissions
How much is the first degree prize?
The first degree prize is always for the same amount of money – 2 200 EURO.
How will I know if I received a first degree prize?
Should you advance to the third stage of PYD, an email will be sent informing you of it.
When will I receive the money?
As soon as you sign the necessary paperwork and send it to the organiser. The required documents are,

• The treatment
• Financial Rights for the Director's Treatment
• Contract for transferring Copyrights
• Bank Details of the account where the fund should be sent.
I’m at the third stage of the competition, I received the first degree prize but I am unable to shoot the film. Who do I to inform?
Contact us at as soon as possible so that we can give the prize to another filmmaker.
What is the best format for submitting films?
We only accept digital format. All winnings films will be shown on big screens in cinemas. It is in your best interest to shoot in HD for quality purposes.
Can I incorporate work of other people in my film?
The film should be your own original work, do not copy films found online or elsewhere.
How should I name my files?
The file with your film should include the sponsor’s name on it with your last name following (no Polish characters).
Can I put the film on my web page so that the actors, the crew and my friends and family can view it?
You have the right to show the film to the names mentioned above, only if the link is private or protected by a password. Do not put the film in a public domain. It is forbidden at this stage of the competition. This also applies to tagging the brand and including any information of the brief in the public domain unless stated otherwise by PYD.
PYD reserves the right to keep all films private.

After the PYD Final Gala, you are free to upload the film onto your website only if it displays a disclaimer at the beginning, the middle and the end stating:

“This film is not an official and authorized ad for [insert name of the sponsor] brand. This film has been developed as part of the Papaya Young Directors 2019 competition”
What documents are required for my film’s participation in the third stage of the competition?
In order to partake in the third stage of the competition it is required to sign a contract with the organiser in regards to the transfer of the treatment's copyrights, and film’s copyrights. Additionally, each film is to include signed credits. Documents are to be signed and sent to PYD, to make sure that you have not violated the rights of any third party.

You will also need to show proof that individuals who took part in your project gave consent to submit the film to PYD. If you use music files as a part of your film, all copyright owners of used music (writers, composers, producers etc.) must sign a licensing agreement permitting you.

You will also be required to sign agreements with all creators engaged in the production process, as well as obtain all necessary copyrights. In the case of actors and music, you will need to obtain a licence for commercial use on the Internet for the period of 15 months, starting with the day following the Final Gala. In addition, you will also need to obtain another licence for an indefinite period for use at festivals, competitions, the internet etc. As well as for the archiving purposes of the Organiser - and any self promotional reasons.
Do the actors taking part in the film receive any pay?
Remember that by taking part in the competition and signing contracts with the competition organiser you are transferring all rights of personal portrayal to PYD for a period of at least 15 months starting the day after the PYD commencement, for use on the Internet, including commercial use and for an indefinite period for self-promotion and use by the organiser and other creators.
For the use of film on the internet (for the above mentioned period), actors and other performance will receive no compensation, as this will be taken care of during the production process.
If my film is animated, do I still need to fill out the documents in the user’s panel?
Yes, you still need to fill out the forms and sign all copyright contracts. If you use a voiceover artist or music you will need to sign agreements with all parties involved and include them in the credits.
How will you choose the winners?
By way of voting during the Jury’s deliberations.
When will you choose and announce the winners?
The jury deliberations will be held at PYD HQ on 25/02/2019 - 31/03/19 and 10/04/19 (first and second stage of the competition) and 3/06/19 (third stage of the competition), whereas the announcement of the winners will take place at the PYD Final Gala June 2019 in Warsaw.
I won! What now?
Great! If you won the first stage of the competition you will receive information via e-mail. If you are unable to attend - you will receive further information as to where to collect your prize.
How are winners contacted?
Award winners are informed at the Final Gala, if you are unable to attend we will call you.
I have not won; can I upload my film on to social media at this point?
Yes, you have the right to upload your work to youtube/vimeo, but you must wait until PYD shares the content on their social media channels and web pages. This will be done no sooner than after the contest ends. Again, this is permitted only if it displays a disclaimer at the beginning, in the middle stating, at the end.

“This film is not an official and authorised ad for [insert name of sponsor] brand. This film has been developed as part of the Papaya Young Directors 2018 competition”.

Keep in mind that it can be requested to be removed by the organiser or the brand that is marketed through at any time.
Who has the rights to the film I submitted?
As specified by the contract with the organiser pertaining copyrights, the organiser is the sole holder of those rights starting with the moment of transfer. The applicant is obliged to sign agreements with all individuals engaged in the production and secure all copyrights. In the case of actors and music, the contestant is to obtain a licence for commercial use on the Internet for the period of 15
months starting with the day following the Final Gala. Plus, another licence for an indefinite period (for use at festivals, competitions and internet for self-promotional purposes and archiving purposes of the Organiser and remaining creators)
On the basis of this agreement the contestant is allowed to present the film as part of their work.
Can I use the film or its fragments again for other things after submitting it to PYD?
Once you send in the film to PYD and sign all the aforementioned agreements, the organiser will become the sole holder of the copyrights. Using the same film for another purpose would be in breach on the rules and contract.. However, you can use the film for non-commercial use or as part of your portfolio in accordance with rules included in the agreement.
Do I have to pay taxes on the prizes I receive from PYD and how do I pay them?
The Tax from prizes amounts to 10% of the sum awarded, and will be deducted from the sum by the organiser before handing over the prize. The Tax will then be paid to the Tax Bureau applicable to the Organiser. Before receiving the prize, you will be asked to sign a statement that declares all Taxes have been paid on your behalf by the organiser.
Where will I find my unique contestant ID?
The system will automatically assign a number to your account. You will find it in your Contestant Account, you do not need to type it in anywhere.
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